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Introducing the Bible

Christadelphians accept the Bibles claim to be the word of God which He caused men and women to write down throughout the ages.

They not only recorded His words, but also their own experiences of the practical application of His Word in their every day lives.


The Bible is as applicable in todays world as it was in times past and offers a message of hope, for peace with a permanent end to suffering to all who will read and accept Gods Word.


It contains sixty six books and is split into what is commonly understood to be the Old Testament and the New Testament.


References to the "old" and "new" could mean the old is not relevant any more. In fact the Old Testament sets the foundations for the New and is in fact the Bible Jesus read.


You will find a lot of helpful information at This is Your Bible from this link below.

Forthcoming Talks. (Every two weeks at 14:15)

Sunday 11 March

The Bible and Archeology

Sunday 25 March

The Bible – The inspired word of God

Sunday 8 April

Israel and World Peace

Sunday 22 April

Why Baptism is necessary for salvation

Sunday 6 May

Lifes big questions - why should I believe in God?

Sunday 20 May

The Practice of Prayer


We make every effort to keep to the above but please note due to unforeseen circumstances these may change on the day.


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