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Welcome to Dereham Christadelphians. 

Bible Bytes

We would encourage you to read the Bible and see for your self how God promises us that He will provide for and comfort us in our happy times, our sad times and times of stress. Please click on the image on the right to read very short passages of comfort (Bible Bytes)


If you have never heard of Christadelphians and want to know more about who we are and what we believe in, Please click on the image on the right to find out.


We believe that the Bible is relevant for today and has a message of good news.  Please take a look below and decide for yourself and see what you think.

Video Presentations

Watch videos discussing  subjects such as the God of the Bible and will there be peace in the Middle East?


Bible Leaflets

Here you will find a range of leaflets which explores subjects such as life after death and the problem of suffering.



The Evidence - you decide

Can you believe what the Bible says about life and your future? 

Can you trust the Bible?

Glad Tidings

Glad Tidings is a monthly magazine and is published to encourage everyone to read the Bible and learn of Gods offer of hope in a coming kingdom through belief in Jesus Christ the only Son of God.




Lifes Big Questions

Maybe you are sceptical about organised religion?

Perhaps you are unsure about the relevance of the Bible.

We want to show you that there are very good reasons to believe that the Bible is no ordinary book


Does God care about planet earth?

Whether mankind succeeds in saving the planet or not, the Bible teaches that God created the world and he cares what happens to it.  His message in the Bible tells us he will send His Son Jesus Christ to rule as king over the earth

Listen to some of our Bible Talks on a range of subjects such as Gods solution to Environmental issues, Bible teaching on the Devil, parables on the Kingdom of God and Jesus Christ - God's greatest gift .

Once the list of talks is shown, to listen or download - select and click on the talk.


Forthcoming Talks. (Every two weeks at 14:15)

January 13 2019 - 

The evidence you decide - Is there a Devil ?


January 27 - Reasons to believe in a Creator


February 10 - The Kingdom of God on earth


February 24 - The evidence you decide - There is only one God




We make every effort to keep to the above but please note due to unforeseen circumstances these may change on the day.


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