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Jesus Return - A reality

While we look up to anticipate His return, our thoughts and prayers are with all who have suffered either with job or house worries or the loss of loved ones or who are suffering the consequences of infection . In Luke 21 - Jesus explains that there will come a time when, regardless of faith or indeed no faith, peoples hearts will be fearful of the things happening on the earth, and when these things begin to happen, standup and raise your heads, because (to the faithful), your salvation is near. Even so come Lord Jesus. 




Bible words of comfort in every day life

We would encourage you to read the Bible and see for your self how God promises us that He will provide for and comfort us in our happy times, our sad times and times of stress. 

Please click on the image on the right to read short passages of comfort 


The Living God

Do you want to get to know the living God of the Bible? If so you can find out more by clicking on the image on the right

Who are the Christadelohians?

If you have never heard of Christadelphians and want to know more about who we are and what we believe in, Please click on the image on the right to find out.


Reading the Bible

Share this Christadelphian Bible reading planner which has the advantange of additional comments to help you in your Bible reading throughout the year.

Please click on the image on the right to view the planner.

Looking and Listening 

We believe that the Bible is relevant for today and has a message of good news (NOTE: If you have been listening to our Bible Talks, we have moved the link into this area).  Please take a look below and decide for yourself and see what you think.

Take a closer look...

Click on the image to take a closer look at the Bible, Nature, Creation, Medicine, Faith, Yourself, the Saviour of the world,  being Born Again , World events and much more


Bible Talks

Click on the image to listen to a range of talks on a range of Bible subjects such as Gods solution to Environmental issues and the return of Jesus




The Evidence - you decide

Click on the image if you want to see if you can believe what the Bible says about life and your future? 


Glad Tidings

Glad Tidings is a monthly magazine and is published to encourage everyone to read the Bible and learn of Gods offer of hope in a coming kingdom through belief in Jesus Christ the only Son of God. Click on the image to find out more




Lifes Big Questions

Maybe you are sceptical about organised religion?

Perhaps you are unsure about the relevance of the Bible.

Click on the image to find out more.


Hope Not Fear

 Click on the image to find out more aout what the Bible says of hope for a peaceful World.

Forthcoming Talks.

Like many countries, we cannot meet as a group so regular meetings have been suspended pending further UK Government advice.


The great news is that we have no uploaded over a hundred new talks which we hope you find interesting


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