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The Basics of What We Believe

  • That God is a singular, all-powerful, all-knowing being.
  • That God created the universe and all it contains.
  • That the Holy Spirit is God's power which controls everything.
  • That God has a plan and purpose with this earth which includes all men and women knowing of his mercy and glory.
  • That the Bible teaches us Israel is central to God's plan for the earth.
  • That God created us with free will to choose whether to accept God's offers of salvation or not.
  • That human nature works against God's will and which the Bible refers to as Sin.
  • That Jesus Christ is God's only son and was mortal and tempted to sin like we are, but always chose God’s way.
  • That God so loved this world, he sacrificed Jesus and raised him from the dead, so that all men and women would believe in Him and have a hope of eternal life.
  • Because we all sin, we can only be saved by God's grace and forgiveness through adult baptism which in turn associates us with Jesus sacrifice.
  • That Jesus will return to the earth and rule from Jerusalem to establish his Fathers kingdom where there will be no death, pain or suffering.
  • That when Jesus returns to the earth, those who have chosen to associate themselves with him through baptism, and have tried to live their lives following his example, will hope to be given eternal life in his Kingdom.
  • That God has given us signs (in the Bible) that we should look out for so we are ready for Jesus return.

Forthcoming Talks.

Like many countries, we cannot meet as a group so regular meetings have been suspended pending further UK Government advice.


The great news is that we have now uploaded over a hundred new talks which we hope you find interesting


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