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This site explains who we are and what we believe.


You may be wondering what Christadelphian means?

Christadelphian means "Brothers and Sisters in Christ" and that is what we believe we are, part of global family of God in Jesus Christ His Son.


Because of this, you may sometimes hear us refer to each other as a brother or a sister.

Christadelphians are to be found worldwide, and here in the UK there are 300 groups of Christadelphians who meet in various locations across the country. Here at Dereham in Norfolk, we number about 25 and come from from all walks of life. We like to meet together to explore and understand the word of God (the Bible), and to praise and worship Him.

We hope that by exploring our website you will get to know us better and if you want to come along, we meet weekly at Wendling Village Hall where you can be assured of a warm and friendly welcome.

Forthcoming Talks. (Every two weeks at 14:15)

January 26 - Lets Talk about Jesus Christ


February 9 - Gods Kingdom Manifesto


February 23 - Does God hear prayer?


We make every effort to keep to the above but please note due to unforeseen circumstances these may change on the day.


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